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Donation Box

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Donation Box

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SURFIX manufactures a variety of acrylic and wooden ballot boxes, donation boxes, suggestion boxes, lead box, comment boxes and collection boxes. Both acrylic donation boxes and wood donation boxes can be customized by adding a business card, brochure pocket or placard holder. If you don't find the exact donation boxes you need, please call or fax us with your specifications. Our specialty is custom fabrication, we can make any size donation box you need.

All products made in the USA.


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Thick 3/8” acrylic box with green tint The tastefully luxurious style attracts visitor’s attention.
Beveled edge looks like glass  Elegant look completes the professional theme of the space
Removable box floor Allows for salting the box to attract donations
Locked money drawer Secured from theft
Heavy 1 inch thick PVC base Stays in place; no screws to tamper with.
Engraved message in acrylic (option) Conveys your message and reason for assistance
Logo engraving in base (option) Continues to capitalize on you pride theme and performance
Literature or brochure holder (option, pedestal base only) Attracts visitors to donation box
Front loading frame (option) Allows for changing themes or events
Lighted acrylic (option) Draws attention from across the room

An anonymous visitor to the 9/11 Memorial slipped $10,000 in cash into their donation box and another $8,000 into one at the Pasadena Humane Society. Seeing the great news, it inspired another to drop $2000 into the same Pasadena box a week later. No name, no recognition, no fund raising effort, just monies they wanted to contribute to a good cause; good people just wanting to do good things.

Fortunately, a Surfix Donation Box was there to receive the money. What will be there when they stop at your venue or exhibit? We have customers doing more than $20,000.00 in donations during a season. Some locations have more than 7 donation boxes. Many reorder immediately after they see the results in just a few days.

When visitors arrive at your location will they see a donation box that clearly takes the venue and fund raising activity seriously? They want to give to good causes; they want to contribute to maintaining or improving a moving or exceptional experience. “Giving back” is such an overused term but people do know that great experiences have a cost and they look to find a way to contribute.

When someone is thinking about giving, they want to do it now, want to be asked, want to see what others have given, and frequently want someone to see they did better than the last donor. They want to know what it will be used for and / or the results of past donations and that you take their efforts seriously. A small beat up coin donation box will generate small receipts.

Other things to consider: seed the box with bills before the event, and what really increases response is a statement of matching funds. Our front loading frames are perfect for posting events, how funds will be matched or the use of the funds. We also offer a lighting device to attract givers from across the room; very effective in subdued lighting or evening events.

Remember that pedestal boxes will yield the best results when placed in high traffic areas and or placed near areas where money is exchanged (do not place donation boxes near employees receiving tips it can be a major conflict). Good luck with your fund raising.

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