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Desk Top, Wall Mount & Pedestal Style Donation and Contribution Boxes from SURFIX
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Acrylic desktop donation boxes

Donation Box
Donation Box
Wood Pedestal
Donation Box
Wall Mount
Donation Box
Donation Box

SURFIX manufactures a variety of acrylic desktop style ballot boxes, donation boxes, suggestion boxes, lead & comment boxes and collection boxes.

These desktop acrylic boxes can be customized by adding a business card, brochure pocket, placard holder, lighted or locks. If you don't find the exact desktop style donation box you need, please call or email us with your specifications. Our specialty is custom fabrication, we can make any size desktop donation box you need.

Desk top donation boxes

(Item Number DT-10)

Desk top donation boxes with acrylic extension.

w/ 7 inch acrylic extention

(Order Item DT-10 plus -7EX )

Desktop Donation Boxes
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    Base: 13.75” x 13.75” x 6” high 1” thick PVC
    Money drawer 9.75” x 10.75” x 2.125” deep

    Acrylic Box: 11.75” x 11.75” x 4.5” high
    Acrylic light green tint 3/8” thick


SHIPPING: Anywhere in Continental US - $45 per unit

QUANITY ORDERING:  Please note quantity pricing is for multiples of the same style, they do not have to be shipped to the same destination.


  • Thick 3/8” acrylic box with green tint
  • Beveled edge looks like glass
  • Removable box floor
  • Locked money drawer
  • Heavy 1” thick PVC base
  • Engraved message in acrylic ( option )
  • Logo engraving in base (option)
  • Lighted acrylic (option)


  • The tastefully luxurious style attracts visitor’s attention
  • Elegant look completes the professional theme of the space
  • Allows for salting the box to attract donations
  • Secured from theft
  • Stays in place; no screws to tamper with
  • Conveys your message and reason for assistance
  • Continues to capitalize on your pride theme and performance
  • Attracts visitors to donation box
  • Draws attendees from across the room

All products made in the USA.

Lighted Acrylic Kit  (option)

LED light Kit - a concealed set of 18 led lights illuminate the edge of the acrylic base. The soft light naturally pipes through the acrylic to fully illuminate the box in a radiant glow. This option is perfect to attract donors from across the room. Effective in both natural and dimly lighted rooms; this option finds the edge of engraved logos or wording to dramatically enhance the appearance and or message. Typically, alkaline batteries will give more than 21 hours of illumination.

The kit must be installed at Surfix and includes: 18 LED lamps, in line toggle switch and a battery clip for 8 AA batteries (batteries not included). The light kit works with 8 standard or rechargeable AA batteries.

  • Double Locks Keyed Differently (option) - Locks keyed differently are available for security. This option requires keys held by two people to open the cash box.

Donation and collection boxes, attractively designed can help your fund raising efforts. Our quality fabrication and eye-appealing materials ensure your donation box will look good and add to the decorum of your facility. For your club, church or any organization we can produce effective donation boxes that get results.

Also known as: donation box, contribution boxes, counter top box, money boxes, suggestion boxes, ballot boxes, acrylic boxes and custom donation box.

Available in pedestal wall mount and desktop configuration, with or without logos & engraved messages

Part Number
Desktop Style
Donation Box
$ 390

$ 370

$ 350

$ 335

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-B with logo on base
$ 445

$ 425

$ 405

$ 385

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-C w/ Inscription on Acrylic Top
$ 435

$ 415

$ 395

$ 375

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-D with both
$ 480

$ 456

$ 435

$ 415

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-7 EX
Seven Inch Extension to Acrylic Top
(please select one of the options above, -A, -B, -C, -D )
$ 50.00

$ 47.50

$ 45.00

$ 42.50

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- LK - Light Kit
$ 85.00

$ 75.00

$ 70.00

$ 65.00

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- Double Locks Keyed Differently
$ 23.00

$ 21.85

$ 20.75

$ 19.60

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- BA Anti-fishing Baffle
$ 24.00

$ 23.00

$ 21.50

$ 20.50

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